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  • Who needs access to the product?  If you are running a pilot or trial, which group of users will be taking part?
  • What permissions does each user require?  What role does that mean they need?
  • Are your staff roles already setup?

Entering Data

Option #1:  Manual Entry

Use the standard HealtheFirst interface to enter user details (Staff > Add Staff).  Please keep the following in mind:

  • This is our recommendation for simplicity and speed when a smaller number of users need to be entered into the system.  Simply put, it can be much quicker (again, for smaller groups of users) to be manually entered than to go through one of the other option(s).  
  • This method can also reduce issues with assigning the appropriate role to the appropriate user, as dropdowns and form validation will catch any issues during the entry of data.


Option #2:  Bulk Import

Log into HealtheFirst and go to the Configuration page.  There, you will see an "import" section with an option for users.  Click the link below the upload button to access the spreadsheet template, enter your users' information, and upload the file.  Any errors will be returned to you in a file that will automatically download after processing is complete (no errors = no file).  If you choose this option, please keep the following in mind: 

  • This process requires a lot of manual entry with the least amount of validation, so care must be taken when entering data.
  • In order to be the most efficient, you will want to add all user roles (Users > [dropdown] > Roles) prior to going through the import process.  
  • The only truly required field is the user's email address.  This must be entered and unique in order to create the user.
  • We recommend first importing a single user in order to check the process and make sure everything imports as you intend.
  • After importing users, certifications, availability, and patient assignments will need to be made.  Admins will be required to assign patients, but we recommend having users log in and update the rest of their details individually.  One option, to increase efficiency, would be to give permissions to all users (through their roles) to access all patients, allowing users to assign themselves their patients individually.  After that update has occurred, the role could be reset.  

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