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Setup & Configuration

  1. Set your regular schedule(s)
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > [your name (top)] > Availability.
    2. Click on the "+" next to Schedules to add a schedule.
    3. If this schedule will only be valid for a certain time period, set the "Valid From" and "Valid Until" fields.  If this will always be valid, you can leave these fields blank.
    4. The conflict limit refers to your ability to have overlapping appointments.  0 would mean that you can only have one appointment at a time, while 1 would mean that you could have two overlapping appointments (one appointment and one "conflicted" appointment).  Most people will have this set to 0.
    5. Click and drag on the calendar to set the hours you are available.  (If you need to remove or recreate a window of availability, simply click on the period to remove and you'll see it disappear from the calendar).  In the following example, you can see a schedule that has been set for a staff member.  
      1. It is valid for the entire 2022 year.
      2. The staff member is available from 8am to 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  On those days they can only have one appointment scheduled at a time.
      3. The staff member is also available from 8am to 12pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On those days, they can have up to three appointments scheduled at the same time.  (This may be to accommodate a "group class" or another activity where multiple people can be led/supervised by one person)
    6. Save.
    7. Repeat as necessary.
  2. Any special, one-off days can be specified by adding "exception" days.
    1. Below "Schedules," you will see "Availability Exception Days."  Click the "+" to the right.
    2. Specify the specific day that is the exception.
    3. If you have different availability for that day, set your start and end hours (note: you can make more than one exception entry if you have multiple availabilities on that day).  If you are simply busy all day, check the box "No Availability on this Day."
    4. Save.
    5. Repeat as necessary.
    6. (Days where your location is closed should not need to be added, as administrators will be able to set those days, as outlined below).
  3. (Administrator) Set days that each location is closed.
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Locations > [select location] > Days Closed > "+".
    2. Set the date the location will be closed.
    3. Save.
    4. Repeat as necessary.
  4. (Administrator) Set option for how "no schedule" should be treated.
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Configuration > "Treat No Schedule As Available".
    2. If enabled, staff members that do not have a default schedule, valid schedule, or exception entry will be treated as though they are available.  This can be helpful for organizations that don't require availability be set by their staff.

How Availability is Used

  • Availability is only applied to the Scheduler search.  It applies to both internal searches and external searches from the client/caregiver portal.
  • During the search process, the following hierarchy of availability is used:
    1. If the searched location is closed, no one will be available.
    2. If the staff member has one or multiple exceptions for the date searched, the availability (or lack thereof) will be taken exclusively from those exceptions.  At this time, no conflicting appointments are allowed for exception days.
    3. If none of the above apply, and the date searched falls within the valid dates of a staff member's schedule, only the availability from that schedule will be used.
    4. If none of the above apply, but the staff member has a default schedule (no valid dates set), only the availability from that schedule will be used.
    5. If none of the above apply, the staff member's availability will depend on the "Treat No Schedule As Available" configuration option.  If enabled, they will be available.  If disabled, they will be unavailable.
  • Any services scheduled in the system for the staff member and/or client will also be used to calculate each staff member's overall availability.  Additionally, if a "schedule" is used for availability, the conflicts will also be taken into account as they relate to the existing appointments.  Currently, this only applies if a "schedule" is used, not if an exception day is used.

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