...grant access to a caregiver?

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Setup & Configuration (Administrators)

  1. Add a caregiver to a patient
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Patients > [select patient] > Caregivers.
    2. Click "Add Caregiver."
    3. Enter the caregiver's information.
    4. Click "Save."
  2. (Optional) We recommend composing and sending a welcome email to the caregiver.  This currently needs to be composed outside of the HealtheFirst system, but can help caregivers understand their access.

Caregiver Portal

The login process looks exactly the same for caregivers as for users.

  1. Caregivers should go to http://solution.healthefirst.com.
  2. Caregivers will need to enter their email and password to login.
    • If they have not set a password or need to reset a password, they should click "Forgot password?" in order generate a password set/reset email.  Following the instructions in that email will grant them access.
  3. Logged in caregivers will have access to a patient calendar that includes the dates and times of all appointments, the nurse or care manager providing the service, and the list of activities that have been/will be performed. (Additional functionality and access will be provided in the future.)
    • If given access to multiple patients, there will be a dropdown at the top of the page to allow the caregiver to change which patient's details they are viewing.

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