...coordinate care with service groups?

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Setup & Configuration (Administrators)

  1. Create one or more service groups
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Service Groups
    2. Click "Create New Service Template."
    3. Set the template title and add services.
    4. Repeat as necessary.

Deploying a Service Group Template

  1. Go to [navigation menu] > New Service (up arrow) > [select service group template].
  2. Select the patient and click "Create."
  3. In the right column, add the care managers required to complete the activities.
  4. If applicable, set a due date.
  5. The group will now appear in the appropriate Service Lists for completion.

Working on a Service Group

  1. From the service list, you will see service groups depicted with a few extra details.  Click on one to open the group.
  2. If you are starting a new service/visit, check the activities you will be completing and then click "Add Service."
  3. You should now see a normal service with the checked activities added to the body.  The one difference will be the status icons at the bottom of each activity.  Update these to update the displayed statuses at the group level.  This will communicate the status for each activity to the team of people assigned to the service group.  Aside from that detail, complete the rest of the service like normal.  

Note: Anyone viewing the service group will be able to see the list of associated services (complete and in progress), as well as the status of the required activities.  The service group will be "complete" when all activities are marked "Complete."  At that time, the group will no longer appear on the Service List.

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