...find a qualified staff member to perform a service?

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Setup & Configuration (Administrators)

  1. Configure which users are qualified to perform which activities
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Staff (dropdown) > Roles > [select role] > Capabilities.
    2. Check the activities users with this role are qualified to perform and save.
    3. Repeat for all roles.
    4. (Alternatively, you can select which roles are qualified to perform which activities from the actual activity)
  2. Grant permissions to the Scheduler page.
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Staff (dropdown) > Roles > [select role] > Permissions.
    2. Check the "Scheduler: Access" permission and save.
    3. Repeat for all applicable roles.
  3. (Recommended) Enable the "Schedule Services" setting.
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Settings & Exports.
    2. Check the "Schedule Services" option to enable scheduling functionality and save.
    3. (The Scheduler will still work with this option disabled, but will be less effective and the flow will not be as intuitive)
  4. (Optional) Configure the expected duration for each activity.
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Activities > [select activity].
    2. Set the expected duration for the activity in minutes and save.
    3. Repeat for all activities.

Using the Scheduler

  1. Go to [navigation menu] > Scheduler.
  2. Choose the patient who requires the service.
  3. Check the activities that need to be performed.
  4. The duration will be automatically updated based on the configured activity durations, but you can update the overall duration manually as needed.
  5. Choose the date and time window that the patient will be available.
  6. Click Search.
  7. The system should return a list of users that are qualified to perform the required activities.  The users are sorted based on a combination of their familiarity with the patient (number of previous services performed), as well as their workload for the day, and their availability.
  8. Once you have decided which user you would like to book for the service, click on the time window for which you would like to schedule the service.
  9. You should now see the standard service form appear with all pre-selected options already configured.  Review the service, update any necessary details, and click Save.
  10. The service has now been created and will be visible on the user's calendar and in their service list for the scheduled time.

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