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  • Are there any services fulfilled outside of the system that need to be entered?  
  • Are there scheduled services in your old system that need to be migrated?

Entering Data

Option #1:  Manual Entry

Use the standard HealtheFirst interface to enter services (+ New Service).  Please keep the following in mind:

  • This is our recommendation for simplicity, as it allows for all inputs to be checked and confirmed through the standard interface, and eliminates any "typo" issues, which can actually make it the faster process most of the time.
  • This method also has the benefit of allowing all service details to be entered.  You will see the "bulk import" option below doesn't allow all inputs to be entered.

Option #2:  Bulk Import

Log into HealtheFirst and go to the Configuration page.  There, you will see an "import" section with an option for services.  Click the link below the upload button to access the spreadsheet template, enter your service information, and upload the file.  Any errors will be returned to you in a file that will automatically download after processing is complete (no errors = no file).  Please make sure pop-ups are allowed in order for the error file to be downloaded successfully.  If you choose this option, please keep the following in mind:

  • This process requires a lot of manual entry with the least amount of validation, so care must be taken when entering data.
  • Staff and Client fields require the appropriate email address be entered, as this is the surest way to identify users. 
  • The preferred date format is 2020-10-31 13:00 ("yyy-mm-dd HH:MM" in Excel) and should be used for the Scheduled Start, Scheduled End, Started, and Finished columns.  If you are entering this information in Excel first, please make sure the dates are treated as text in Excel, not actual dates.
  • Enter the billing code (not name or description) in the Billing Code column.
  • We recommend first importing a single service in order to check the process and make sure everything imports as you intend.  Keep in mind, there is no conflict logic, so the same service will be imported multiple times if it is uploaded multiple times.

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