Billing Rates

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  • What rates do you bill for and need in the system?
  • Do you want to have user-friendly names for these rates?
  • Are there non-billable services that you want to track (ie employee reimbursement for training)?
  • Do you want users to "complete" unit services with a date and unit total or start/end times?

Entering Data

Use the standard HealtheFirst interface to enter billing rates (Billing Rates > Create New Billing Rate).  Please keep the following in mind:

  • As with all manual entry options, this can be slightly labor intensive if there are a large number of rates required for your organization.  However, manual entry provides the most reliable, and typically the quickest, way for you to enter data. 
  • If users get paid directly for services with a specific billing rate, you can enter those payment rates from this page, or from the user role.
  • Billing rates that do not need to be reimbursed will not be available for a service related to a patient, and vice-versa.  This is how we distinguish between billable and non-billable rates.

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