...allow clients to pay their invoices? / ...integrate my Stripe account?

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Setup & Configuration (Administrators)


  1. Go to [navigation menu] > [click on group name].
  2. Enter the secret and publishable Stripe API keys from your Stripe account.  These keys can be found in your Stripe account, under Developers > API keys.
  3. Save.

Billing Rate

  1. Go to [navigation menu] > Billing Rates > (select billing rate that clients should be paying for out of pocket)
  2. Under "Do you need to bill...," select "Yes" and check "Is Invoiced."
  3. Save.

How it Works Internally (Administrators & Billers)

  1. Any services associated with a billing rate that has "Is Invoiced" enabled will appear on the Invoices page.
  2. Select the checkbox for each service that has been reviewed.
  3. Click the green edit button in the bottom, right corner.
  4. Enter the invoiced date and click "Update."
  5. The selected services have now been invoiced and can be found on the Invoiced tab.  Note: At this time, no client notifications are configured to be sent.
  6. If a payment is received outside of HealtheFirst, the same "edit" procedure from above can be used to manually mark the invoice as paid.

How it Works Externally (Clients)

  1. Once a client logs into their portal, they will see a "Billing" item in the navigation menu that includes a red number noting an outstanding/unpaid invoices.
  2. After clicking on Billing, they will see a list of their invoices, both paid and unpaid.  The remaining balance will be displayed in the table, and each invoice can be expanded to show additional details.  The details will also provide the ability for the client to view and download the invoice, as well as make their payment.
  3. When they click on "Make Payment," they will receive a dialog prompting them for credit card information to make their payment.
  4. Once paid, the invoice will be automatically updated as "paid" in all parts of the system.

Additional Considerations

  • Client payments will be logged in and processed through Stripe as individual payments, so the Stripe interface can be used by admins for payment review, disputes, chargebacks, etc.
  • It may be helpful to have some billing rates that are configured to be paid by insurance, with a duplicate that is paid via client invoicing (ie "General Service" and "General Service (Self-Pay)").  This will allow the biller to flip services between the two billing rates in order to get the appropriate payment.
  • A service can be partially reimbursed by insurance, converted into an invoice, and the balance paid by the client.  However, at this time, there is no explicit tracking for each of those separate payments - the end result is simply a service that has been paid for.
  • The above invoicing workflow, can also be used without a direct Stripe integration.  The only change is that clients wouldn't be able to pay within HealtheFirst, and the invoices would need to be manually marked as "paid" by the biller.

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