...require clients to complete a form prior to their appointment?

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Setup & Configuration (Administrators)

  1. Enable the client portal
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Configuration.
    2. Ensure that "Enable Client Portal" is enabled, and adjust any other portal settings as desired.
  2. Create a new, client-accessible Activity to hold the form. 
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Activities.
    2. Click "Add Activity" to create a new one.
    3. Check "Is a form, " "Can be edited by clients" and, optionally, "Can be scheduled by clients."
    4. Create the form/questionnaire by adding custom fields (at the bottom of the Activity).  Configure the questions as necessary.  Use as many fields as needed, and don't be afraid to use them creatively.  Check "Is Required" as meets your needs (more on this below).  Also keep in mind that keywords can be added as default values (see in product description for more information).
    5. Save.
  3. If the custom form needs to be available within other activities, open those activities and link in the activity with the form.
    1. Go to [navigation menu] > Activities.
    2. Click on the activity that needs to use the form.
    3. Under "Activities," choose the activity with the form.  Now, anytime this activity is added, or scheduled from the Scheduler, the activity with the custom form will also be added.  This allows, for example, for a client intake form to be included in multiple different activities, so that when a client schedules any of those activities, the intake form will also be included.

The Form/Questionnaire in Use

  1. When viewing the service, the custom fields will simply be available for the user to complete.  If configured appropriately, this will also be true for clients, who can gain access to the fields through their portal.
  2. Once the service is saved, the fields will be formatted and converted into a pdf.  A "document icon" link to the pdf will be included at the top of the activity.  Once the service is completed, the pdf will also be available from the client's profile, just like a standard digital form.

Required Fields

If any of the form fields are marked as "required," the following workflows will be in effect:

  • Required field labels will be marked with an asterisk (*).
  • If the service is saved, with the billing fields completed, and there are required fields that remain incomplete, the service will still save but a dialog box will appear, reminding the staff member to complete the required fields.

In addition to the above, if an activity is available for clients to edit and includes required fields, the following workflows will be in effect for clients:

  • When a client logs into their portal, makes changes to the service and saves, a dialog box will appear with a prompt to complete any required fields, if they are still incomplete.  The user will not be stopped from saving or exiting - they will simply receive a reminder.
  • If emailed appointment reminders are enabled, the reminder message will include a reminder (and link) to complete required form fields if they are not completed at the time of the reminder being sent.

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