Service Plans

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Service plans allow for the creation of discrete services with different due dates and assignees, from one place, on a fixed schedule.  Users will still have insight into other actions within the plan, but will have a service created for them, to track each of their specific activities.  (Read on the "Use & Functionality" section below for additional information)



All permissions are granted through [Navigation Menu] > Staff > Roles.

  • Services > Configure:  Allows staff to create, update, and configure plans.
  • Services > Deploy Plan:  Allows staff to be able to deploy any plan.

Creating a Plan

  1. Simply create a new service plan from [Navigation Menu] > Service Plans > "Create New Service Plan."
  2. Set the plan settings.
    • Name:  The name of the plan.
    • Limit Concurrent Deployments:  When enabled, only one instance of this plan will be able to be deployed per client at one time.  Once all services in the plan have been completed, another plan can be deployed for that client.
  3. Click "Add Step" in the footer to add a step.  Once clicked, you will see the step details populate the column on the right.  (Selecting an existing step will populate the same area, and allow you to edit the step)
  4. Set the step properties (outlined below) and save the step.
    • Delayed Days:  The number of days from the start of the plan that this should be due.
    • Description:  This will be present when viewing the service associated with this step in the plan.  The description will be present regardless of activities being present, so can be utilized on its own to provide guidance to staff.
    • Activities:  Set the activities to be performed during this step of the plan.
  5. Save the plan as well by clicking "Save."

Deploying a Plan

  1. Service plans can be accessed from the up arrow next to "New Service" in the lower, left corner.  
  2. Staff can then select the client that will be assigned to the plan.
  3. Set the start date for the plan, and update any additional properties plan-wide and/or for individual steps.
  4. Click "Create Services" or "Create Services & View" to deploy the plan and generate the services, which will include the appropriate assignments, activities, and due dates.  If "...& View" is selected, staff will be redirected to the first service in the newly deployed plan. 

Viewing a Service

If you are viewing a service that is part of a plan, a tab will be present in the column to the right allowing staff to view the other services associated with the service.  Everything else about the service will look and function the same as any other service.

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