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  • I have been able to log into the HealtheFirst system before but am no longer able to access the system.
  • (or) I deleted my Google Authenticator app and can no longer log in.
  • (or) I am trying to log in from a new device and am unable to.
  • (or) I am logging in and being logged back out.


Confirm URL

  1. Type into the address bar (or click on the link).
  2. If you are already authorized, you will be brought to your dashboard.  If you are not, you will be directed to the login page.  

Reset your password

  1. Go to
  2. From the login page, click "Forgot your password?" in order to send the request link to your email.
  3. After receiving the email, click the link, and reset your password.
  4. After resetting your password, return to the login page, and enter your email address and new password.
  5. You should reach a screen that has instructions for how to setup your Google Auth token.
    1. Open your Google Authenticator app
    2. Click on the edit pencil in the upper right corner of the screen
    3. Select your HEF account and click Delete (confirm the removal)
    4. Click the checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen
    5. Click the plus icon in the upper right corner of the screen
    6. Click "Scan barcode" and scan the barcode on the screen
  6. Enter the Google Auth 6 digit code into HEF ("Authentication Code")

  7. Click "Authenticate"

Clear your cache & cookies

Sometimes old data can get stuck in your browser's cache, causing issues with your current login.  In order to remedy this issue, please clear your browser's cache and cookies (More Information).  To test this option, you can also attempt to login from an incognito window (More Information).

Check your time settings

Issues can also occur when your device's time or timezone settings are incorrect.  Incorrect times can cause the application to think your session has expired when it actually has not, so please confirm that these are set correctly.  If you have logged in successfully on another device, that would be a good device to compare your current settings to.

Further Actions

If, after going through the above steps, you are still unable to log into the system, please contact your system administrator, and let them know the following information:

  • Have you been able to login from this machine/device/browser before?
  • What device are you attempting to login from?
  • What browser are you attempting to login from?

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