Our support team has laid out timelines to guide their responsiveness for tickets based on their priority.  We will always try to provide responses and resolutions in as quick a manner as possible, but wanted to provide a level of transparency and insight into our targets.  We hope this will help align expectations and allow us to provide a positive experience.

Standard Targets

Below are the goals our support team has set for themselves to provide a first response and to resolve a problem based on the priority of a ticket:


  • First Response:  1 Hour
  • Resolution:  4 Hours


  • First Response:  4 Hours
  • Resolution:  1 Day


  • First Response:  8 Hours
  • Resolution:  3 Days


  • First Response:  1 Day
  • Resolution:  5 Days

Additional Notes

  • All times are tracked against our standard business hours, which are listed here.  Any changes to those hours will be communicated in the following article:  Link to Article.
  • Tickets that are opened via an email to will automatically be assigned a low priority.
  • The resolution time is subject to change based on several factors, including...
    • The amount of additional information needed from the client
    • The ability to troubleshoot and/or replicate the issue
    • The current deployment schedule and the ability to integrate any updates into pending deployments