...add line item details to an invoice?

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This article assume that the billing rates and other workflow for invoicing is already configurated, and will focus on adding specific details to the invoice itself.  

Below is a screenshot of a basic invoice, and will serve as the starting point for this article.  It is comprised of three services, each with a single activity.  Each line item corresponds to a service, and the description contains the activity name.  In this article, we will walk through how to add additional details to the invoice.

Invoice Notes

Notes applying to the entire invoice can be added from the Invoices page by following these steps:

  1. Check the box next to the invoice to update.
  2. Click on the green edit button (lower right corner).
  3. Enter notes into the "Notes" box and click "Update."

Below is a screenshot of the result.  You can see the notes section that was appended to the bottom of the invoice, which will contain your message.

Line Item Notes

Information can be added to each line item as well.  The description section will be comprised of the following information:

  • Service Group Custom Fields with "Show on Invoice" checked
  • Service Custom Fields with "Show on Invoice" checked
  • Activity Names
  • Activity Custom Fields with "Show on Invoice" checked
  • Service Notes

Custom Fields

While the notes field is helpful for many cases, sometimes it's more helpful to use a custom field.  In this instance, we will walk through adding and filling a service-level custom field.

  1. Go to Menu > Services > Fields.
  2. Click "Add Field."
  3. Complete the details as desired.  Make sure to check "Show on Invoice."  Also, keep in mind that if this is a field that will only be used for invoicing, it may be desirable to enable "Is Restricted" so only administrators will have access to the field.  More custom field information can be found here.
  4. Click "Save Field."

Once a custom field is present, it can be completed just like the notes, either service by service, or in bulk from the Menu > Invoices > New tab (expand the Fields section to find the custom field).

In the following screenshot, you can see new information, which was updated in bulk, for each line item in the invoice.

The exact same process can also be used for activity-level custom fields.  The only difference is that bulk editing will not be possible.

Service Notes

You can use the link icon on the right side of each row to open the corresponding service in a new window/tab, and can edit or add the details that you would like to see in the invoice.  When you return to the invoice, you can click "Refresh" to see the updates.

Alternatively, if you have notes to add and would prefer to do so in bulk, prior to generating the invoice, you can do the following:

  1. From the Menu > Invoices page, check the services that will make up the invoice.
  2. Click the edit button.
  3. In addition to setting the "Invoiced On" date to generate the invoice, you can expand the Notes section and add the same note to all of the selected services at once.
  4. Click "Update" to generate the invoice and append notes to each service in the invoice.

In the following screenshot, I've added some simple notes to the first service.

Additional Information

If you need any additional guidance, you may find the guide on custom fields to prove helpful.  If you still have questions, please open a ticket and let our support team point you in the right direction.

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