Modified on Thu, 22 Dec 2022 at 07:29 AM

December 22

  • A setting was added to determine if a service should automatically be checked out of when a follow up is created.
  • Reports can now be added/removed from the library.  This will allow organizations to better organize their library and to remove unnecessary reports.
  • Several updates were made to remain compliant with several third party libraries, which recently underwent some updates.

December 12

  • The "Created By" filter was not working for the service search, but has now been fixed.
  • Several bugs related to multi-select dropdown fields were identified and addressed, including accurately saving values and mapping those values into another field.
  • A new setting was added, which controls if a service should be checked out of when a Follow Up is created.

December 8

  • A bug was fixed where, under certain conditions, the billing rate dropdown was not appearing on a service when it should have.
  • Several system references were updated to improve performance and reliability.

December 7

  • An update was made to remove html tags from search exports, which should make certain custom field information easier to read.
  • An update was made to correct a bug that was causing issues saving certain custom field values.

November 29

  • A few minor updates were made across the reports library.
  • A bug was fixed that was unnecessarily throwing an error when saving certain custom fields as part of a service.

November 18

  • An update was made to correct a behavior where, under some conditions, custom dropdowns were not saving the selected value.  
  • Searching service groups by due date was updated to ensure that searching for a single date returns the appropriate groups when scheduling is done via due date only (no time).
  • Several updates were made to ticket linking options to ensure compatibility with services and service groups.  
  • An update was made to the ticket search so that the correct number of results is listed at the top of the results table.

November 17

  • A bug that was causing an issue with the csv export for invoices has been fixed.
  • An update has been made to the ticket validation workflow to avoid the unintended creation or deletion of tickets.
  • Staff notification emails for tickets will now indicate if the ticket is new or updated in the subject.
  • A new setting was added to append initials to the end of id numbers for service groups, services, and tickets to allow them to be differentiated when communicated together (Configuration > System > "Append Model Initials to Id").
  • A bug was found that was preventing some users from accessing chat-related functions.  This has been resolved and all users should have access again.
  • For those that use EDI validation, rows with an error should be highlighted in red, with error details in the expandable row that can be opened below the problem row.
  • "Due At" has been added as a result column option for the service group search.
  • Search-related date ranges have been updated to better handle situations where the user is looking to search for a single date (ie Nov 17, 2022 to Nov 17, 2022).  There was a time-related issue with this specific use-case that has been resolved.

November 8

  • Collapsible section titles were updated so that users can click anywhere in the "header" of the box in order to expand or contract it, instead of only being able to click on the up/down arrow.
  • A new progress bar setting was added to display the completed units, total units, and expiration date.

November 4

  • A new feature and corresponding staff permission has been added to the system.  "Quick Add" now allows staff to quickly create and link a new service to an existing one.  When given permissions, a "Quick Add" button will appear in the footer for staff when they are viewing a service.  Clicking on the button will allow them to set a billing rate and corresponding fields.  The client, case, and any required service fields will be duplicated into the new service.

November 3

  • An additional report download option was added, which allows the report results to be downloaded in an html file.
  • A bug was fixed where some custom fields were saving but still returning an error message to users.

November 1

  • A minor bug was fixed where form buttons were not displaying in certain use-cases.
  • A "File" custom field type was added, but is currently still in beta.  If you choose to use the option now, please know that the usability is still being refined.
  • A bug was fixed on the Configuration page, where some values were not updating/saving successfully.

October 28

  • An update was made to the click/drag on the calendar method of creating a service so that doing so on the monthly calendar will respect the service due/scheduled configuration instead of always setting a due date.
  • Several updates were made to the recurring follow up logic, including an update for recurrences that cross a DST transition.
  • A bug was discovered and fixed with a certain invoice search configuration.
  • An update was made to the ability to set a custom logo.  This had been a disabled feature for a while for performance reasons, but has been revisited and re-enabled.  The updates include much improved performance along with the ability to clear or reset the image if desired.
  • A bug was fixed to allow for the ability to set and view a client's profile photo in all of the appropriate pages.
  • A bug was found and fixed for 837P EDI exports where a code was being entered incorrectly by the export system.
  • A performance improvement was made when loading services into another services "Plan" tab.
  • A bug was fixed where clients were able to create a ticket without completing all required fields.  While user feedback in this scenario was given, a ticket was still being created.  This has been corrected.

October 25

  • A performance improvement was made to reports with large datasets.
  • The number of services displaying at one time within a service group has been reduced to improve performance.  All services can still be viewed, but will be on different pages if the limit is exceeded.

October 17

  • A bug was resolved where an error was being thrown for custom fields with a dependency.
  • An update was made to simplify the search permissions logic, and ensure all that should have access, have access.
  • A bug was found and fixed where the {{now}} keyword wasn't properly populating date and date time custom fields when used as the default value.

October 10

  • An update was made to improve the reliability of the two factor authentication "remember me" function.
  • A compressed layout was added to search results for organizations that take advantage of the "Service > Compress List Item Details."
  • Several updates were made in order to improve the robustness of the ticketing email import function.
  • "Created By," "Checked In By," and "Checked Out By" were all added as service search options.
  • A bug was discovered and fixed where certain date pickers weren't always initializing in the bulk service editor correctly, which was causing errors.  

October 3

  • Several custom field related issues were resolved, including an issue with "Staff Dropdown" types missing the list of staff members, as well as incorrect default behavior for certain configured sections on service activities.

September 30

  • Additional inputs and tracking were added for organizations that are invoicing in multiple currencies.  Now, payments are explicitly tracked in the "invoiced" currency as well as USD.
  • A bug was fixed where non-admin users were unable to edit services in bulk.
  • A new keyboard shortcut was added to "pin" dialog boxes to the bottom of the page.  Click here for more information.

September 21

  • A bug was fixed that was causing issues with sorting on certain pages, such as the Reimbursements and Invoices pages.

September 20

  • An update was made to the "Add Filter" and "Add Column" controls for all searches to allow for easier filtering and selecting.
  • A bug was fixed for users who were accessing the Tickets page for the first time.

September 19

  • A "sticky" header was added to searches so that the column headers remain visible when scrolling.
  • Several validation checks were added to various parts of the system to ensure accurate settings and options.
  • A bug was fixed were navigating to different pages of results from the base service, staff or ticket list was causing errors.
  • An update was also made to allow navigation back to a specific page of results after viewing a specific service, staff, or ticket (see previous).
  • A bug was discovered and fixed where services of certain billing rate types weren't being registered in the billing rate tracker if they were completed on the same day as the start of the tracker.

September 14

  • Recurring follow ups can now be created for those granted permission (Staff > Role > Services: Follow Up (Recurring)).  Click here to learn more.

September 13

  • A context menu (right-click menu) has been added to services displayed in the list view on the Services page, as well as services displayed on the Dashboard.

September 12

  • A context menu (right-click menu) has been added to services displayed in the calendar views on the Services page.  This provides a brief service summary as well as a short list of actions.
  • An update was made to better format multi-page invoices.

September 9

  • Drag/Drop rescheduling has been added to the calendar views on the Services page.
  • A bug was fixed where some notification settings were not appearing on clients' profiles under certain settings combinations.
  • A context menu has been added to services on the calendar to show additional service details, which can easily be hidden or hard to see on the calendar.
  • A few minor UI details were updated.

September 8

  • A bug was fixed relating to the ability to sort client fields.
  • The ability to add line breaks and plaintext into list-type field columns was added.  Click here for more information.
  • Permissions were updated on who can enable/disable search notifications, which now triggers off of the "Staff: Edit All" permission.  Staff can always enable/disabled their own notifications as well.
  • The "Services by Case" report was updated to provide grouping options.
  • The duplicate service workflow was updated to include a prompt to save before duplicating instead of saving automatically.
  • An update was made to the staff availability input to make it easier to use for long periods of availability.

September 7

  • Added a setting to allow staff to collapse the detail column for services.
  • Added "Staff" to the terminology list so it can be updated by organizations with different naming conventions.
  • A couple of minor terminology updates were made for "client" where it remained untranslated.

September 6

  • A few minor updates were made to the permission check for those downloading search results.
  • The search notification email template was updated to include the search's columns, where "sharing sensitive information" is enabled, in the email.

September 2

  • A beta version of search notifications has been introduced to ticket searches.  When managing a saved search, staff will now be able to click on an icon by their name in the "Manage > Shared Access" list to enable email notifications or sms notifications.  Notifications will be sent when a ticket is created or updated that meets the search criteria.  Note: Once production testing is complete, this feature will be added to all searches.
  • Date filters in searches have been updated to use relative dates.  For example, if you are searching for the services that were completed in the last week, and save your search.  The next time you load the search, the date range will be updated to the last week (from today).  Previously, the actual dates would have loaded back into the system.  In order to enable this functionality on existing services, you will need to load and then save your search, so the system can set the "last modified date" which will act as a reference for future uses.
  • A couple of minor updates have been made to the client summary that appears in the header of services and client profiles, including the addition of client gender, where applicable.
  • A bug has been fixed that was temporarily causing issues changing the order of activity fields.
  • Another bug has been fixed that was causing issues with some search-related downloads.

August 29

  • "Is Completed" has been added as a new service search filter.
  • Additional client-side validation was added to the bulk service editor, in order to better confirm that billing inputs are properly configured and defaulted to "No Change."
  • For clients and caregivers with access to the portal and to tickets, the "New Ticket" button has been moved to the navigation bar for quicker access.
  • Ticket grouping on the ticket list was also updated for those same clients and caregivers, so that it better aligns with the sorting.

August 25

  • A bug was fixed that was causing issues, in some environments, creating new clients.
  • The transaction history list for services was updated to better show dates and values that have been cleared.
  • An update has been made to the ability to sort by the "service finished date" throughout the application that should provide for more consistent and accurate sorting.  Previously, services without a finished date (ie services with billing rates that only require one date) would cause issues.
  • A bug was fixed on the Reimbursements page where filtering by the client status, while sorting by another column, was throwing an error.
  • The download logic for all searches has been updated to provide a more accurate and better formatted document.  The new logic will also allow multiple "pages" of results to be captured at one time, and will even pull in the expandable, detail rows where configured.
  • A new feature was added to activity fields, allowing administrators to reuse fields across different activities.  In most cases, it will be better in the long term to configure separate fields across activities, as it provides the best level of detailed configurability.  However, in some cases, where advanced reporting needs arise, activity field sharing may be beneficial.
  • Service group details have been added to the service summary, where applicable.

August 22

  • A minor update was made to allow larger "amount" values to be saved for services.
  • A few minor UI-related issues were cleaned up for outlier use cases.

August 19

  • A bug was identified and fixed for certain use-cases where an "Other" value was being used in "Dropdown (Multiple)" custom fields.
  • The case/contract was added to the service summary for ERP environments.
  • A new feature was added, allowing staff to explicitly select a default case to be used for new services.
  • Several instances where activities were being added to services, but collapsible section titles were collapsed upon the initial addition were identified and fixed.  When an activity is first added, all sections should be expanded by default.
  • A list of open cases/MRNs was added to the client/patient summary for corrections environments.

August 15

  • Service location and service custom fields (if/as configured) can now be edited from the bulk invoice editor.
  • An error with the "Requesting Client" being used in ticket searches by clients was fixed.

August 14

  • "Other" (with write-in) is now a valid option for multi-select dropdown custom fields.  The configuration matches that of basic dropdowns.
  • If a date range is updated for a disabled filter, that filter will now, automatically be re-enabled.

August 13

  • An update was made to fix a bug in the synchronize activities workflow where possible activities to sync with weren't appearing.
  • A bug was found where reordering a list of 10+ columns on a search page was causing a column to drop from the list.  This has been fixed.

August 12

  • For environments where ticketing is enabled, clients will now have access to the ticket search, in addition to the basic ticketing view.  This will allow them to better parse through their ticket history and create executive level reports as needed to support their operations.
  • A second "notes" section was added to invoices that will allow staff to add notes in the header section, just below the due date.  These can be accessed by editing an invoice on the Invoices page.
  • A new column on the invoices table has been added so staff can directly edit a single invoice.  Bulk editing is still an option, but we found that, for invoices, most updates were being made to single invoices, so this should simply the editing process.
  • When invoices are enabled, when you are editing services, you will now see an "Add to Invoice" option when it is applicable.  It will allow you to add services directly to existing invoices.  For that reason it will only appear when open invoices matching the case and client are found.
  • The ability to remove individual services from an invoice has been added as well.  This can be accessed by viewing an invoice, where you will find a "remove" button column in the table of services.  Simply click on the button to remove the corresponding service.  The service will be removed and will be able to be found on the Invoices > New page.
  • A bug was found and fixed where the "Other" value was not being saved for custom field dropdowns.

August 11

  • Unit tracking progress bars were update to round to the 0.01 instead of the 0.1.
  • Two new result columns, "First Message" and "Last Message," were added to the ticket search.
  • Several performance updates were made to the ticket list initial load and filtering.
  • All basic list views (Services, Tickets, Clients, etc.) were updates so that the items in the list can be used like hyperlinks.  This means that functionality such as "Right Click > Open in New Tab" will now work in those views, which should give users more control over how they navigate through the product.

August 9

  • Fixed an issue where services were showing validation details on the Invoices and Reimbursement pages when validation was disabled.
  • Added several billing related fields to the service search.

August 5

  • Several performance updates were made for a specific use case related to tickets where the message thread is made up of several large messages imported from emails.
  • A minor layout update was made to better accommodate small screens when viewing the billing tables.
  • An update was made to allow clients accessing tickets to have the same "sticky" filter setup as staff, where their last set of filters will be remembered the next time they visit the page.

August 4

  • "Denial Reason" was added as an "EDI Field" for custom fields.  This should only be selected when the field is being used to capture the denial reason for healthcare reimbursements.  When selected, the field will appear on the Reimbursements page as a filter, and as a column on the Denied tab.
  • An update was made to ensure the Payroll page supports paging, for organizations with large numbers of staff.
  • A bug was fixed where some invoices still weren't downloading correctly.
  • The layout of the Billing related pages were updated, with the filters moved to a column on the left.  This was done to ensure all filtering options were easily visible and that filters could be toggled on/off, especially the date filters, when navigating between tabs.
  • Invoice labels were updated to a darker color for better readability, printability, and scanability.
  • The previously added "Invoice by Service Group" general setting was removed, and replaced with a setting at the case level.  This will allow certain cases to have the option enabled, without affecting all invoices.
  • The unit tracker database column was expanded to better handle tracking large numbers of units.
  • A minor bug was fixed where activities with collapsible sections were being added as collapsed, forcing users to have to expand the section immediately after adding the field.  

August 2

  • A bug was fixed that was causing some invoices to be downloaded incorrectly.
  • A setting was added that allows activities to be "locked" so that only the staff member that added the activity can edit the activity (Configuration > "Enforce Activity Ownership").  There is an accompanying staff permission that has also been added so admin can continue to edit all activities (Staff > Role > [select role] > "Edit All Activities").
  • A special "EDI Field" option was added to service custom fields so that one can be created to contain the denial reason/code for billing purposes.  When configured, a filter and column will be added to the Reimbursements page.
  • "Activity Summary" was added as a service search result column option.
  • A fix was implemented to handle certain cases where search results were not downloading accurately.

August 1

  • An update was made to the entity-specific "search" pages, so searches can now be shared with other staff members.  Click here to learn more.
  • A bug was found and fixed where collapsible sections not properly showing their summaries in activities.
  • Previously, if an activity custom field had a keyword as a default value, the keyword would appear if there was not valid data to replace it with.  A common use-case would be a default of the "last value of that field for that client," but their wouldn't be such a value the first time you complete that activity for that client.  Now, the keyword will be removed and the value will be blank in those instances.  
  • "Linked Services" and "Linked Service Groups" are now column options in the ticket search.
  • A bug was discovered where, in certain browsers, date filters weren't loading correctly in the searches.  This has been fixed.

July 28

  • The "Billed Date" was added to the Reimbursements > Paid table to help users see the full billing timeline without needing to expand the row details.
  • A rare, use case arose where certain email attachments weren't being imported into tickets successfully.  To combat this issue, a new process was introduced as a fallback to retrieve the attachments on a second pass.
  • An issue was discovered where billing rates that were deleted after being added as valid rates to a client status were still appearing as options.  This has been resolved. 

July 27

  • The sort order is now saved for all searches (service, service group, staff, client, ticket).
  • A bug was fixed where some service group searches wouldn't load correctly.
  • An issue was found with the activity sync relating to certain custom field types not syncing or loading correctly.  This has been resolved.

July 26

  • An issue was found with the "pending approval" list, where the date listed for services was the finished date.  In some configurations, there is no end date, so sorting wasn't working.  This was resolved by replacing the finished date column with the started date.
  • A bug was fixed where users that were granted the "Supervise All" permission were being given access to approve others' services.  The approval is designed to only work on directly assigned supervisors, so this loophole was closed.  Note: A new setting was added to allow organizations that may have been taking advantage of the bug as a feature.  For those that would like to retain this functionality, go to Configuration > Staff and enable the "Honor 'Supervise All' Permission for Approvals" setting.
  • The "sync activity" function was found to, in some cases, clear information from previous activities.  This issue was fixed.

July 25

  • When filtering on the tickets page, the "subject" filter will now be part of the remembered filters and will repopulate with your last entry when navigating back to the page.
  • Collapsible custom field sections can now be expanded by default.  Click here for more information.
  • A general setting was added to allow services to be billed by service group ("BIlling > Invoice by Service Group").   When enabled, services that are part of the same service group and the same invoice, will be represented as a single line item on the invoice.  The setting will only affect the format of the invoices, so it is something you can test/review without impacting hour tracking or any other inputs. 

July 22

  • A Case filter was added to the invoices page.
  • A tag was added to services in list views to indicate if they are completed.
  • A new setting, "System > Compress List Item Details," was added that will change the format of details in list items.  For example, when enabled, services in the service list will display details in a single line (wrapping as necessary) instead of in two columns.
  • A few small updates were made to the billing rate editor to ensure that all environments' rates are saved and display correctly.
  • The client name was added to the new ticket notification.  This will appear in addition to the requester's name, as well as the other ticket details.
  • A bug was found and fixed where the case picker wasn't appearing correctly in some environments.
  • The ticket subject can now be copied by simply clicking on it.  The copied subject will be formatted to match the subject format that is part of the automated emails.
  • A minor, but system-wide performance update was added.
  • Ticket subjects can now be edited using the button on the right side of the header.  This allows users to correct typos and/or otherwise make updates to the subject after the first submission.

July 21

  • Default columns have been added to the column list for all searches.  This will provide greater control over which columns are present and will allow all columns to be reordered.
  • A bug was fixed where clients and caregivers accessing the portal were being brought to a page they didn't have access to directly after logging in.  This was only true for certain portal configurations, but has been resolved for all.
  • A bug was fixed where the reimbursement and invoicing pages wouldn't sort.  This has been resolved

July 20

  • When granted permission through their role, staff can now change the client assigned to a service.  This can be done at the individual service level or in bulk from the service search.
  • Ticket messages have been reformatted to better handle long messages by providing a limited size, "preview" window and allowing users to expand the window if/when needed.
  • A bug was fixed in which caregivers were unable to create chat groups through the portal.
  • New settings have been added to allow administrators to turn on/off the ability for clients and caregivers to create new chat groups, and to have access to chat through the portal altogether.

July 19

  • The ticket list now include the ability to filter by subject text.
  • The client's name has been added to the ticket notification emails.
  • Several performance updates related to the reimbursements and invoices pages were made to improve load times.
  • A language update was made for downloaded invoices, so that all labels appear with the configured language for your environment.
  • The search pages have been updated by moving the filters, result columns, and save/load controls into a column.  This will provide a better foundational layout to start building in additional features over the coming releases.

July 12

  • Ticket messages are now encoded before being saved in order to correct any issues that may come from copy/pasting text from another application.
  • A few updates were made to the service search, in corrections environments, and will be further evaluated in production.  These all involve showing activity field information from related services.  Additional notes/messaging will be added when the feature is finalized.

July 7

  • Added the ability to duplicate an activity.
  • Several updates were made to the service search, including adding client status as a filter and adding client custom fields as result column options.
  • A performance update was made to the Reimbursements page.

June 30

  • A bug was fixed where unit tracking enforcement wasn't applying to the specific case, but to any tracker, which led to unnecessary errors being presented to users.
  • Several new settings were added to the Configuration page to provide more control over what clients have access to in their portal.  
    • "Services: Can View" controls access to the calendar.
    • "Cases: Can View" controls access to their specific case names.

June 29

  • A small bug with the dates used to construct the "This Month" and "Last Month" dashboard widgets was fixed.
  • EVV controls, which were previously hidden, have been removed from environments where they are not needed/enabled.  This should remove any "ghost positions" when tabbing through inputs in a service.

June 28

  • An update was made to the downloads from the Reimbursements page, to allow more time for large files to be created and downloaded.  During the download process, staff can filter and move around the Reimbursements page, but cannot (at this time) navigate away from the page.
  • A new service result column was added to summarize related services.

June 23

  • A performance improvement was made to the loading of services from a staff member's profile.
  • The "search" option on the client profile > services list now searches all properties of the service summary, not just the notes.
  • Updates were made to the client profile transaction history, to allow more data to display in the list.

June 20

  • Updated the service plan deployment window to allow staff to choose the appropriate due or scheduled dates and times, in alignment with their service configuration.

June 17

  • A bug was fixed where service plan steps were not loading correctly in the editor.
  • The search option on the Configuration page was updated to properly show/hide the headers for the found settings.

June 16

  • Two new dashboard widgets were added to display a summary of services provided "this month" and "last month."  These can be enabled from the Configuration page.

June 15

  • Added a configuration page allowing administrators to change terminology used throughout the system.
  • A bug was fixed relating to certain configurations of the "Dropdown (Multi)" custom field, where color coding was being utilized.

June 13

  • EVV logic was updated to record the timestamp, even when the GPS location failed to register.
  • 2 NCW SAS forms were updated in the Form Library.

June 10

  • Color coding options were added with an advanced configuration of the "Dropdown (Multi)" custom field type. (Formal documentation to come)
  • When linking/following up services, any service-level custom fields will be copied into the new service.
  • A performance update was added to the bulk editing of service workflow that can be accessed from the service search, reimbursements, and invoices pages.

June 9

  • A setting was added to the Configuration page allowing administrators to change the formatting of staffs' display names, with options to append their role or title.
  • Phone number has been added as a field to facilities, with the intended use of recording the facility's phone number for general information, as opposed to the client's direct phone number.
  • A performance update was made to the "All" EDI export on the Reimbursement page.
  • Two settings were added to the Configuration > Dashboard page allowing administrators to customize the threshold for warnings regarding the billing rate limit tracking.

June 8

  • "Restricted" service and activity fields have been excluded from the Client > Services > Format for Printing export.  Based on the general use-case, the viewer of the export wouldn't be someone with access to restricted fields.
  • A bug was fixed relating to accessing additional pages of search results from any of the configurable search pages.
  • A hidden feature was added to the "Section Title (Collapsible)" for activities.  By default, the section will be expanded when you first add the activity, but future time you view the service, the section will start collapsed.  If you would like to section to always start as expanded, type "expand" into the Default Value of the field.
  • A setting was added to activities to determine if the activity should be included in the summary section of a related service.  This will not affect the associated fields, only the list of activities and the color of the service.

June 7

  • A new form was added, to help with new members or member changes at Morning Sun Financial.
  • The staff "title" field was added to the summary in the list view.
  • Several updates were made to the list custom field type to better display in summary views.
  • A new setting has been added to activities, allowing administrators to set which activities should be included in the summary of a service.  This will affect the activity "list" and the service color (if being utilized), but will not affect the activity's custom fields being included.
  • A bug was fixed relating to searching services from a client's profile.

June 3

  • An update was made to the "Completed Last Week" Dashboard widget to correct an issue where it wasn't displaying for some users.
  • A bug was fixed relating to invoice pdf creation under certain conditions.

June 2

  • A bug was fixed with the advanced invoice filters, which were not applying correctly in all cases.
  • An update was made to the "Check Out" button, so that it will also save the entire service.
  • A new setting was added to Activities, called "Available to Add to Service."  This setting will allow admin to determine when an activity is eligible to be added to a service - always, only as the first activity, or only as a non-first activity.

June 1

  • A number for keyboard shortcuts were added to various pages within HealtheFirst.  For a comprehensive list, please click here to view our kb article on the subject.
  • Tickets can now be merged together.  The "Merge" button will close the current ticket, and merge it into the chosen ticket.  The two will be linked through a hyperlinked message in the body of each ticket.
  • A couple of new, optional, dashboard widgets were added to the system including list of recently visited pages and recently updated service groups.  These can be enabled from the Configuration page.
  • Activity color coding has been added.  From the activity configuration, administrators can now select a background color, which will serve as the color of the activity in a service and, based on a few other factors, can be used to color the service in several list and calendar views as well.
  • Logic was added to increase the visibility of saved/unsaved changes on services and service groups.  In both, a check will be performed periodically and the "saved" status will be reflected in the Save button in the footer.  
  • The "delete activity" confirmation message was updated to include custom field related details, when applicable, in order to better inform the staff member deleting the activity.
  • Several updates were made to the service and service group searches in order to prevent duplicating saved searches, and ensure all filters from saved searches save and load correctly.
  • The service summaries on the pending approval list was updated to include a full list of service details, which should help admins approve more quickly.
  • Filters were also added to the pending approval list in order to help in cases where there are a lot of services to approve.
  • A number of small updates were made to the reimbursement reconciliation process, which should better handle instances where services were denied.
  • A configuration option was added to format time in 12 hour or 24 hour time.  This can be found on the Configuration page as a system-wide setting.
  • A number of additional, but minor, updates and fixes were introduced, mostly related to custom field functionality.

May 1

  • Invoices are now available in all HealtheFirst implementation types.  Simply set a billing rate to "Is Invoiced" and an additional "Invoices" option will appear in the navigation bar underneath "Reimbursements."  
  • Furthering the above, HealtheFirst now offers a Stripe integration, where you can connect your accounts and allow clients/patients to log into their portal and pay their invoices directly.  Click here for more information.
  • There is now a "Follow Up" option available on all services allowing the services to be connected via a magic plan.  This means that there will be a "Plan" tab in the right column of the services allowing users to view other, linked services that were created using the follow up button.
  • Dependent fields were added as an option for custom fields.  Using this new logic, a field can be set to only display if a specific value is selected in a previous field.  For example, Textbox #7 can be set to only display if A is selected in Dropdown #1.
  • A "Print" option can now be found on client profiles.  This will take the client's profile and convert it into a printer-friendly layout that can be used as an exportable facesheet for providing client information to third-parties.
  • A billing rate option was added to bill all services with that rate under a single line item when billing via reimbursements.  This was created specifically for the T2024 use case for New Choices Waiver clients, but may be applicable to other cases as well.
  • An issue was found and resolved where case-based default billing rates were not being set correctly.
  • A number of minor bug fixes  were put in place over the course of the month upon several log reviews.  

April 1

  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to certain pages (and more will be added throughout the coming releases).  At this time, the following common shortcuts can be used:
    • From the client list, when filtering, "Enter" will apply the filters.
    • While viewing a service, Ctrl+s will save the service.
    • When a service is opened, the focus will immediately be placed on the Notes/Activities column, allowing you to use Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End to scroll to the top and bottom of that column.
  • The first page a staff member sees after logging in can be set from their assigned role.
  • A new "Staff" calendar view was added to the Services page, allowing an admin to view staff schedules side by side.
  • Several filter and result options were added to the ticket search including linked services and messages.
  • Several filter and result options were added to the service search including unpaid, case fields, and facilities.
  • Several filter and result options were added to the service group search including completed work.
  • A new set of keywords was added for form autocompletion that revolve around the person who is currently logged in and working on the form.  This complements the keywords already in place for the assigned client and the assigned staff member.
  • Another autocomplete keyword was added to capture the current date and time.
  • Streamlined the summary view of a service for consistency throughout the system.
  • Added several custom field options including collapsible containers, typeaheads, ......
  • A couple of updates were made to the configuration for a custom dropdown field:
    • The entry process for setting options was overhauled to provide for easier entry, especially for large lists.
    • A true "other" option was added.  For more information, please click here.
  • Added a setting to automatically check into a service when it is created.
  • Added a setting to automatically apply the EVV check-in and check-out times to the billing fields.  Be aware that when this is enabled, a service will be "complete" when the staff member clicks "Checks Out."
  • Another set of form, autocomplete keywords was added related to a client's diagnoses.
  • The order of child/dependent activities can be set in the "parent" activities configuration.
  • An activity's color can now be set.  When set, the activity will appear with a bold, colored border when viewing the service.  This is currently the only place where the color will appear, but our team has plans to use the color in other areas of the system as well.

March 1

  • Bulk file manipulation was added to files on the client profile, allowing users to organize files more quickly.
  • A number of updates were made for payroll managers, including an enhanced billing rate breakdown on the Payroll page, access to individual timesheets, as well as additional filters on all relevant pages to better differentiate when someone was paid for a service versus when the service itself was completed.
  • Bulk editing tools were added to the service search, allowing for mass (re)assignment.
  • A number of additional result columns were added to the service search including more client-centric fields and related custom fields.
  • The service group search was enhanced to provide the "latest" information from associate services instead of a service-by-service breakdown.
  • The "form synchronization" feature was expanded to include activity custom fields synchronization as well.
  • A number of optional new ticket and client filters were added to their respective lists, and can be enabled/disabled from the Configuration page.
  • A new custom field type, "Duration Days," was added.
  • A number of configurable updates were made to the "+ New Service" button, allowing for more targeted options to be given to different staff members.
  • Where it is utilized, tickets that are linked to a service group can now be viewed from the service group itself.
  • More explicit permissions were given to some custom fields, with "Client Can Edit" and "Client Can View" replacing "Is Staff Only."
  • A number of major technical updates were also performed, which should lead to extended levels of performance, stability, and security over the coming months and years.

February 1

  • Reimbursement reconciliation was added for Waystar csv files.  This process allows the Waystar file to be uploaded to HealtheFirst, allowing HealtheFirst to determine which services were paid.  Results and errors will be returned to the staff member in a downloaded file.
  • Several refinements and updates were made to the dashboard notifications including a fix for the number being displayed for services pending approval, and a separation of custom field reminder notices to provide more focused notifications.
  • Forms with inputs for initials were experiencing issues where the system wasn't drawing where the user's finger was - this was resolved.
  • An update to the list of staff members in a specific role was updated to include working links to take you directly to their profile.
  • The facility name displaying on the service list was updated to be the "friendly name."
  • Several forms in the library were updated to their 2022 versions.
  • New custom field options were added, including an ICD10 dropdown as well as a facilities dropdown.
  • Currency was added as an option for all billing rates.
  • A number of settings were added to better control and provide more access to ticket notifications.
  • A bug was fixed that was preventing saved searches from loading correctly.
  • Client-requested tickets can now be linked to service groups, in addition to services.
  • Service and service group id formatting was updated for consistency.

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