Modified on Wed, 29 Nov 2023 at 04:51 PM

November 29

  • A bug was fixed where staff were logged out immediately after clocking in.
  • Radio list and checkbox list were added as custom field options.
  • The history for "facility" custom fields was updated to try to identify the facility name.
  • A number of forms were updated for the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024.
  • Several new currency options were added.
  • Several new columns were added to the client and service searches, including date of birth and case dates.
  • An icon was added to the service list to indicate when a service has been checked into.
  • A few updates were made to claims exports to better support custom field overrides.

October 7

  • A yellow background was added to signature fields in forms.
  • An update was made to search notifications to better utilize templated keywords.
  • A fix was applied to address the date and time custom field type not correctly parsing time.
  • Date and time custom fields can now be mapped to other date and time fields.
  • The provider/location was added to the service search.
  • Several column options have been added to the client search, including assigned staff and email address.
  • A bug was fixed relating to the {{client.payer_account_number}} keyword not working.
  • A middle name was added, in some environments, for clients.

August 29

  • New client search fields were added to better parse facilities, cases, and diagnoses.
  • A bug was fixed with the client print view for clients without an email address.
  • A number of EDWP forms were added and updated for the state of Georgia.
  • Several new custom field modifiers were added to better handle specific billing situations.
  • A service claim modifier was added to the Location, so more precise billing can be performed.
  • A new, experimental, billing rate was added that requires units and a cost.

July 27

  • A number of new columns were added as options in the Service Search, including Activities and Activity Summary.  These will provide a list of the associated activities in different formats, depending on your needs.  "Activities" is a full list, while "Activity Summary" will provide the same summary of information displayed in the Service List.  "Facility Location" was also added and shows the actual address for Facility custom field selections.
  • A number of minor updates were made to the billing claims downloads to better support Georgia's state system.
  • A bug was fixed were the "Reminder Days" setting for Date custom fields wasn't saving.
  • The guest (aka "email share") access was updated to provide better messaging in regards to the second step of authentication.  A bug was also fixed where Facility custom fields were causing an error when accessing.

July 17

  • A bug was discovered and fixed where the system notification account wasn't be displayed properly in the chat.
  • The claims billing process was updated to accommodate the use case where the payer isn't required.
  • A browser extension was added and enhancements were made to the ability to warn or restrict multiple viewers from accessing the same service at the same time.
  • Payer Account Number was added as an result column option in the Service and Client searches.

July 11

  • Added a setting to allow users to access activity custom fields from the service search based on their label (Configuration > Services > Search: Combine Activity Fields by Label).  For example, if Activity A has a dropdown field called "Type" and Activity B has a dropdown field that's also called "Type," with the setting enabled, you will be able to add "Type" as a result column and see information from Activity A and B both represented.  While not essential for all workflows, this streamlines the search process for organizations that are tracking the same information in multiple activities.
  • The settings cache has been updated to provide a more immediate experience after making an update.
  • A bug was fixed that was causing an error for some "guest" users who were trying to access an email share.
  • An update was made for staff trying to share a client or service via chat group.  If no chat groups exist, one will be auto-generated for you.
  • Created At and Created By have been added as options for the filters and results on the client search.
  • An update was made to the "paid date" being used in the billing reconciliation process for .835 documents.
  • A bug was fixed for chat groups where an author is inaccessible.
  • A few minor updates were made to several forms in the Form LIbrary.

June 28

  • A change was made to the caching mechanism to make sure the client profile custom field configuration is updated immediately after any changes.
  • A bug was fixed that was preventing the "Other" text from showing up for some dropdown custom fields.
  • A new setting was added to control the behavior when multiple people are viewing the same service (Configuration > Services > "Multiple Viewers" ).
  • "Toggle All" and "Toggle Incomplete" buttons were added to the email share page, allowing for quicker selection of editable fields.
  • A new keyword was added to account for the new "county" field for facilities and addresses: {{facility.county}}.
  • A new setting was added to allow administrators to enable datepickers for digital forms (Configuration > Forms > "Enable Date Picker").
  • Several forms in the Form Library received minor usability updates.

June 20

  • A bug was fixed where activity custom field data was not being included in service search notification emails.
  • Staff can now set a default search from their profile that will auto-load (including results) when they view the search page.
  • A new staff role permission was added to disable the calendar/list service view.  In this case, the assumption is that staff will have access to the search page and will use that as their primary working view.
  • A new organization profile option was added to set a default payer for new clients.

June 15

  • When creating claims for services with a "Combine Services" billing rate, billers will now have the ability to set a custom date for the combined services to be added to the claim.
  • "County" has been added to facility addresses, and can also be used as a filter and result column in the Client search.
  • A bug was fixed that was temporarily causing an error for some search notifications.
  • An update was made to the ticket view to better account for tickets with a lot of message data and text.  This was a possible issue for tickets that received most of their updates via email, as the message thread was able to grow quite quickly.  These large tickets are now able to be loaded, viewed, updated, and saved.
  • The billing reconciliation process was updated to better handle .835 files.

June 7

  • "Update" notifications were added as an option to saved searches.  Now, users can sign up to receive email or SMS notifications for new and/or updated results.
  • A column was added to the Billing page for case management implementations to display a calculated "Finished On" date for billed claims.
  • Several updates were made to the Billing page to improve the performance of the sorting options.

June 2

  • Search notifications have been added to the service, client, staff, and service group searches.  As of now, users can subscribe to any search and be notified of new results via email.
  • The facility custom field type has been updated to include a search option within the dropdown box.
  • An update was made to the Billing page to ensure that the formatting remains regardless of the amount of notes.
  • Individual custom field history was added back into the system.
  • A second file format option was added to the list of supported reconciliation options.  Csv and 835 documents are now supported as valid files to reconcile claims.
  • A bug was fixed related to keywords causing an error on some forms when converting them to pdfs.
  • "Notes" and "County" fields were added to the facility profile.
  • A new setting was added allowing linked chat messages to be visible from the service or client profile page, respectively.

May 24

  • An update was made to better handle default values (and values in general) for fields that are dependent on other fields to be shown.
  • Service search columns were added to represent "all" and "the latest" values for activity custom fields to better account for services that may have the same activity added multiple times.
  • A bug was fixed that was causing issues for some who received a "Share in Email" link.
  • An update was made to custom field editor to better handle updates to options for a dropdown in cases where there fields dependent on those options.
  • Search notifications were officially wired up for all search types.
  • A number of forms were added to the system for some new waiver programs, as well as updates for a couple NCW forms.
  • A new setting was added to provide an alternative grouping of services in 837P claims downloads.

May 16

  • Client Case fields can now be used as default values for Service and Activity custom fields.
  • A few custom field related bugs were fixed that were causing errors with the default value for lists and dates.
  • A couple of columns were added back into the Billing page.
  • Service Id was added as a filter and column in the Service Search.
  • A couple of minor updates were made to the ticket notification logic so that updates aren't sent if there is an error in updating a ticket.
  • An update was made to the "Warn if others are viewing the service" feature, so that users that are no longer logged in aren't accidentally included in the check.
  • Several other minor usability bugs were fixed.

May 10

  • Added "Type of Service" code to facilities.
  • Several updates were made to the custom field editor in order to provide a more consistent experience.
  • A bug was fixed that was causing the client search's Status filter not to work.
  • Phone and Caregivers were added to the client search.
  • An updated NCS Rights & Responsibilities form was added to the Form Library.
  • Filters were added to the Facilities page.
  • A new configuration option was added to the Facility custom field type, allowing you to specify the facilities that should be included based on their Type of Service code.
  • Billing Notes was added as a filter field for the Billing page.
  • The bulk client import process was expanded to better cover multiple diagnoses, as well as case name information.
  • The Billing > Reconciliation process was improved to better handle services where $0 were paid - these will now be treated as denials.

April 27

  • A bug was fixed where the "Birthday" field was not appearing on the new client page, even if it was configured to be enabled.
  • An update was made to the 837P exports to better account for missing facility NPIs.
  • A number of caching related updates were made in order to boost performance.  Please note that some configuration changes may be slightly delayed in taking effect (up to 60 seconds in most cases).

April 26

  • A bug was discovered where the 2FA QR code was throwing an error, which was affecting users attempting to reset their password.  This was due to a third-party integration and has been addressed.
  • A new custom billing code has been added, which can serve as a Pre-Authorization number to be provided on 837P exports, when applicable.
  • The Billing page has been updated to include a total for the work completed on all pages.
  • Several minor bugs were also fixed that may have resulted in errors or warnings.
  • Sorting by the "Billed To" column on the Billing page was found to be broken, but has been fixed.
  • Several updates have been made to the backend infrastructure that deals with dropdown and list custom fields.  These changes should result in improved performance, and allow our team to implement additional, proactive security checks to server submissions.

April 19

  • An edge case was identified and fixed, where changing a service's case wasn't always changing the billing rate rate list correctly.  This was found to be the case for configurations where no default billing rate was set, "Only use tracked billing rates" was enabled, and only one billing rate was supposed to be enabled for each case.
  • The client's photo wasn't always loading in the service header - this has been fixed.
  • An error was when downloading the invoice information from the Billing page.
  • A couple of bugs were fixed that were affecting multiple reports loading successfully.

April 14

  • A bug was fixed where billing rate validation was not properly enforcing the limit if staff was modifying a service that was already completed and the total number of hours or units exceeded the limit.
  • NPI details have been added to the facility list.
  • The client list view now matches the same formatting as all other list views in regards to the detail attributes.
  • A "Last 24 Hours" option was added to the default report filters.
  • "Required Fields" was added as a service search filter and column in order to highlight services that have incomplete required fields, which can occur when a service has not been completed.

April 13

  • An edge case was identified and fixed, where a case that had a start date of "today" was not always appearing as an open case for services.
  • A bug was fixed on the Payroll page where using the filters resulted in an error.
  • On the Billing page, sorting by the client name was functioning slowly, sometimes resulting in a timeout.  An update has been made and the sort should be returning quickly and accurately at this time.

April 4

  • Billing cycle details were added to the service and invoice details (expandable row) on the Billing page.
  • Progress tracking bars have been added to the client profile header for easy access and viewing.
  • A bug was fixed where, under certain conditions, "Date + Amount" billing fields were not able to be updated.

March 31

  • A bug was fixed where billing validation details were being shown for all environments.  These details will now only show where "EDI Validation" is enabled.  
  • In addition to the above, the view has been enhanced to include billing validation details alongside the other service details, which were previously hidden.

March 30

  • The remaining balance was added as a column for paid services/invoices.
  • The Plan tab has been updated to better sort related services, and now includes a graphic to indicate the flow of services.
  • In-depth service details were added back into the Billing pages.
  • A bug was fixed with the "duplicate invoice" function which was undercalculating duplicate dates by one day when crossing a DST transition.
  • Validation has been put in place to ensure that the "opened" date doesn't come after the "closed" date for client cases.

March 27

  • A new backend billing framework has been built to better accommodate multiple billing cycles for the same service as well as multiple payments for each invoice.  Impactful changes to the billing process have been highlighted below:
    • With the new framework, claims and invoice billing have been combined into a single "Billing" page.  Where staff used to go to Reimbursements, Billings, or Invoices, they can now simply go to Billing.  
    • On the new Billing page, the billing stage (New, Billed, Paid, etc.) have been moved to a dropdown list at the top of the filters menu.  This change will prevent unnecessary list updates from occurring and allow staff to choose the stage as a part of the filtering process.
    • Also on the new Billing page, the edit process has been updated to provide direct options for moving services and invoices between billing stages.  When selecting "Edit," staff will be able to directly choose where they should be moved to, and will be prompted to add the specific information necessary to accommodate.  Additionally billing related fields have been isolated form the general service editor and staff will see the available edit options from the menu.  All of this was done to simplify the editing process by making it more specific and direct.
    • When claims are downloaded from the system, the related services will now be updated with the billed/issued date, and those services will move to the Issued stage automatically.
    • Billing rates have been updated, and the "Is Invoiced" option has been removed, as invoices will be generated for all billing needs, including claims processing.  Please use the Billing Group option to categorize rates for your billing team.
  • Service groups statuses have been fixed so that their status is accurately reflected in cases where n/a options exist.
  • Ticket notification emails have been updated so that the link is accurate, even in cases where no message was added.

March 2

  • A bug was found and fixed where non-administrators were unable to filter the staff list.
  • Staff will now be added as care managers automatically in instances where they are creating a client and do not have the "assign to all" permission.
  • Emails (.eml) were added as valid attachment types.

February 23

  • An update was made to the Replacement and Void edi exports, so that previous claim numbers are utilized properly.
  • A bug was fixed that was preventing some users from accessing the organization's edit page.

February 21

  • An edge case was identified where a service wouldn't load due to a deleted activity being associated with it.  This has been fixed..
  • A bug was fixed that was preventing the EVV prompt to appear, even when the service was scheduled for "today."
  • Some backend work was done to activity custom fields in order to provide a performance boost.

February 14

  • "No Activities" will now be hidden on services when details are set to be compressed.
  • An update was made to service fields so that a custom header can be made for the field section.
  • Replacement and Void options have been added to the Reimbursement page to support the respective claims submission processes.
  • Ticket email notifications were updated to be triggered in any of the following situations:
    • A reply message is added (a "note" message will not trigger an email)
    • The Status is updated
    • The Priority is updated
    • A custom field value is updated that clients can view (per the field configuration - "Client Can View")

February 7

  • A few minor UI tweaks were made.
  • An update was made to the billing logic to better handle x12 conversions.

February 6

  • Staff can now get directions to a service quickly, through the context menu (right-click on a service from the Service List or Calendar) or through the service view by clicking on the address.  When accessing from a mobile device, swipe left on a service in the Service List to get directions in your native maps app (make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups).
  • An update was made to the service launcher menu so that it stays on top of any other elements.

February 3

  • An update was made to the EVV logic to better handle the "automatic check-in" setting.
  • A minor update was made to the service window to prevent any conflicts between the default "Details" header for service fields and an initial service field that's a "title."
  • A bug was fixed where it was possible to to accidentally "double add" an activity.

February 2

  • A large number of New Choices Waiver and SAS forms have been updated to their latest versions.

January 30

  • "Get Directions" has been added to the context (right-click) menu for services.
  • The EVV "check in" prompt has been updated to only show when the staff assigned to the service is the viewer, and it is the day that the service is scheduled for.  If another member views the service, the service is viewed on a day it's not scheduled for, or the service isn't scheduled the pop-up will not appear.  In those cases, though, the "Check In" button will still be present at the bottom of the page.
  • The descriptions for several settings were updated to make them more understandable for new users.

January 26

  • An issue was resolved where the service calendar required two clicks in order to change the view.
  • A bug was found and fixed that was causing an error on the facility and staff role pages.
  • EVV logic was updated so that the pop-up prompt will only appear if for the staff member assigned to the service. 

January 25

  • A number of performance updates were made throughout the application.
  • A bug was fixed where the default case was not being set appropriately for new plan deployments and new tickets created by clients.

January 23

  • Further performance improvements were made to the client and service lists.
  • Saved filters were moved from a backend process to a frontend process and are now stored in browser cookies.
  • The "created at" time and date is now formally recorded for 

January 20

  • Added "Overall Status" to the service group search as a possible result column.
  • Further updates were made to the email-to-ticket import process to improve the handling of embedded images from various sources.
  • A few performance related updates were made to the client list, to improve the load time.

January 19

  • The "Date Added" will now be displayed in service activities.
  • An update was made to the number of rows returned on each page of results in the Ticket Search in order to better handle large searches.
  • Updates were made to the email-to-ticket import process to better handle certain types of embedded images, which were not always able to be displayed within a ticket.

January 9

  • A new form was added to the common library: PSH Assessment.
  • Custom fields have been added to the History tab for tickets.
  • A bug was fixed where a service wouldn't load in certain situations where associated activities had been deleted or were otherwise inaccessible.

January 5

  • "Case Name" was added as a results option for the service group search.
  • Grouping was added to the "Assign Service to Service Group" dialog, which should better organize groups that are in progress versus those that are completed.
  • A bug was fixed relating to ERP environments where the "Bill To Alternate Clients" was not enabled.
  • A bug was fixed that was causing all new billing rates to be invoiceable in ERP environments.  Now, non-billable rates can be created successfully.

January 4

  • A bug was fixed where a client's profile would fail to load after being updated to a status that doesn't have a valid default billing rate.
  • A Configuration setting was updated to allow for more control over the details of a list item (most specifically a service's details), by adding an option to better separate details by activity, where applicable.
  • An update was made to archive any active billing trackers for a client when they are moved to an inactive status.   This aligns their functionality with open cases, which also close.  Note: Users may need to refresh the page in order to see the updates in the UI.

January 3

  • An update was made to service group notifications to ensure that deleted groups aren't included.
  • A bug was fixed where "file" custom fields were saving correctly but an error message was still appearing.
  • In instances where more than 4 progress tracking bars are present for a client, on services and service groups, a button has been added that will allow staff to show/hide the bars to better utilize the screen space.
  • A bug was identified and fixed where custom field substitutions were not being made correctly in Reimbursement exports.
  • A workflow was added to address situations where a user has dropped offline after completing a service.  In cases where the system cannot reach the server in order to save a service, a new button will appear, allowing staff to download a password-protected, encrypted version of the service.  For more information, please see this tutorial.

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