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All standard browser shortcuts will still be in effect, but we have also included some explicit shortcut key combinations that can be used in various areas of the system.  For example, "Ctrl + Home" will scroll to the top of the page and "Ctrl + End" will scroll to the bottom of the page.  These are shortcuts that work in all browsers, on all web pages, and are fully supported in HealtheFirst as well.  Please see below for the list of HealtheFirst-specific shortcuts.

Anytime (on any webpage)

Ctrl + Home

Scroll to the top of the page / window / column.

Ctrl + End

Scroll to the bottom of the page / window / column.


When entering information, click tab to move to the next input or button.

Anytime (in HealtheFirst)

Ctrl + Alt + p

This will toggle where modal dialog boxes (pop up boxes) will appear.  By default, boxes will appear in the center of the screen.  Use this shortcut to "pin" boxes to the lower right corner of the screen.  Once the pinned view is enabled, it will stay enabled until you use the shortcut again (or your browser's cookies are cleared).

When Viewing a Service

Ctrl + s

Using this from the service view will save your progress, and is the equivalent of using the mouse to click "Save" in the footer.

Ctrl + Shift + F

If the current staff member has permissions to create a "follow up" service, pressing this keyboard combination will save their progress and create a follow up service.  Note: if EVV and auto check-in are enabled, this will also check the staff member out of the service and mark it as complete.

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