Electronic Visit Verification (Check-In and Check-Out)

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In the home healthcare space, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a requirement for confirming that workers are where they are when they said they were there.  To support that requirement, HealtheFirst has a check-in/check-out process that will record GPS coordinates and a timestamp at the start and end of a service.

While the feature was developed to fulfill the EVV requirement, it can certainly provide value for other industries and niches as well.  Even without the need for recording GPS locations, the timestamping feature can be extremely valuable and can be used to simplify marking the start and end of the service itself.


There are several settings that affect this feature, all of which can be accessed from the Configuration page, under the "Services" header.

Electronic Visit Verification

This setting is required to turn on the EVV (Check-In/Check-Out) feature.  See below for additional settings, and how the feature presents itself in HealtheFirst.

Electronic Visit Verification: Auto Check-In

When enabled, the service will automatically be checked into when it is first created and viewed.  The user will not receive any prompts, but will see a "success" message appear at the bottom of the page to signal that the EVV information was successfully recorded.

Electronic Visit Verification: Autofill

When enabled, the act of checking into and out of a service will automatically fill in the billing-related start and end times.  Manual updates can still be made to the billing times, but will match the check-in/check-out times by default.

Use & Functionality


Staff will be prompted to check into the service when they open the service.  This prompt will appear until/unless the service has already been checked into.

If the staff member doesn't utilize the "Check-In" button in the prompt, there will be "Check-In" button in the footer.  (If the service has been checked into, there will be a "Check-Out" button in the same area).  Clicking either button will trigger the system to collect your GPS coordinates (with an accuracy recording) and a timestamp.  You will see the time appear in the "Complete" section of the service.  

With the basic configuration, you will still be required to manually enter your start/end (or date/units) information, as completion of these fields currently marks a service as "complete" and ready for billing.  

With Auto Check-In

With this option enabled, staff will not receive a prompt to check into the service.  The first time the service is created and viewed, it will automatically be checked into.

With Autofill

With this option enabled, anytime Check-In or Check-Out is clicked, the system will also update the Start and End times (related to billing) to match the EVV times.  This eliminates the need for staff to manually update those fields.  Keep in mind, though, that completed Start and End fields means that the service will be deemed "complete" and will be ready for billing or approval.

Additional Considerations

The first time staff check into a service, their browser may prompt them to share their location.  In order for this feature to work, you will need to allow this access (there should also be a checkbox that will allow you to always grant this permission, which will prevent you from having to click to share every time you use EVV).  For browser-specific instructions, please see the links below:

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