Even if weeks of in-depth testing are done prior to an implementation, there will still be configuration tweaks that organizations will want to make after users begin engaging with the product in real-life scenarios.  Typically, these are minor adjustments to settings and/or training methods, and are relatively quick and easy to implement.  Nevertheless, it leads us to recommending an incremental rollout, starting with a pilot group.

The small pilot group will give your organization a first attempt at training, and help you understand how users will interact with the software in real life.  The key to a successful pilot is to have a constant feedback loop with these users, and to update the product configuration and training materials as feedback is received.  Once the pilot group is happy with the configuration, you can begin to plan your full organization go live.

Support & Training

We are happy to run a "train the trainer" type training, virtually, with a select group of your team - either a small group of "product owners" or even the small pilot group.  Additional staff training should be run by your team.  We have found that this ensures a high level of understanding by the designated "product owner(s)" and will help provide real life examples to your team during training, as training will be conducted in your environment.  Feel free to also utilize all training materials on this site, and let us know if you have any questions or require any clarification on anything in those documents/videos.  

As for support, we are here to help you every step of the way, and want to make sure that the implementation goes smoothly.  Below, we have outlined the support process through each phase of implementation:

  • Initial Configuration
    • Anyone involved at this stage can contact HealtheFirst for guidance.
    • We will maintain a close working relationship with your team during setup (answering questions, completing bulk imports, etc.).
  • Pilot
    • Anyone involved can contact HealtheFirst withe issues or questions.
    • We recommend keeping a document to capture all questions and answers that flow through our support team, so knowledge can be shared and referenced by other team members.
    • During this phase, a single "product owner" should be identified.  This person should have a high level of knowledge and understanding of the product and configuration in order to best support your staff.  
  • Go Live
    • All issues and questions that come up during this phase should be addressed by the product owner.  When escalation is required, the product owner should reach out to the HealtheFirst support team.