June kicks off our new release note format.  Instead of posting a complete listing of the updates that were deployed for the previous month, we will work to post the updates as they are deployed.  For that reason, this article will serve as a "living document" that will be updated throughout the month.  Please continue to check back to for updates.

June 30

  • A bug was fixed where unit tracking enforcement wasn't applying to the specific case, but to any tracker, which led to unnecessary errors being presented to users.
  • Several new settings were added to the Configuration page to provide more control over what clients have access to in their portal.  
    • "Services: Can View" controls access to the calendar.
    • "Cases: Can View" controls access to their specific case names.

June 29

  • A small bug with the dates used to construct the "This Month" and "Last Month" dashboard widgets was fixed.
  • EVV controls, which were previously hidden, have been removed from environments where they are not needed/enabled.  This should remove any "ghost positions" when tabbing through inputs in a service.

June 28

  • An update was made to the downloads from the Reimbursements page, to allow more time for large files to be created and downloaded.  During the download process, staff can filter and move around the Reimbursements page, but cannot (at this time) navigate away from the page.
  • A new service result column was added to summarize related services.

June 23

  • A performance improvement was made to the loading of services from a staff member's profile.
  • The "search" option on the client profile > services list now searches all properties of the service summary, not just the notes.
  • Updates were made to the client profile transaction history, to allow more data to display in the list.

June 20

  • Updated the service plan deployment window to allow staff to choose the appropriate due or scheduled dates and times, in alignment with their service configuration.

June 17

  • A bug was fixed where service plan steps were not loading correctly in the editor.
  • The search option on the Configuration page was updated to properly show/hide the headers for the found settings.

June 16

  • Two new dashboard widgets were added to display a summary of services provided "this month" and "last month."  These can be enabled from the Configuration page.

June 15

  • Added a configuration page allowing administrators to change terminology used throughout the system.
  • A bug was fixed relating to certain configurations of the "Dropdown (Multi)" custom field, where color coding was being utilized.

June 13

  • EVV logic was updated to record the timestamp, even when the GPS location failed to register.
  • 2 NCW SAS forms were updated in the Form Library.

June 10

  • Color coding options were added with an advanced configuration of the "Dropdown (Multi)" custom field type. (Formal documentation to come)
  • When linking/following up services, any service-level custom fields will be copied into the new service.
  • A performance update was added to the bulk editing of service workflow that can be accessed from the service search, reimbursements, and invoices pages.

June 9

  • A setting was added to the Configuration page allowing administrators to change the formatting of staffs' display names, with options to append their role or title.
  • Phone number has been added as a field to facilities, with the intended use of recording the facility's phone number for general information, as opposed to the client's direct phone number.
  • A performance update was made to the "All" EDI export on the Reimbursement page.
  • Two settings were added to the Configuration > Dashboard page allowing administrators to customize the threshold for warnings regarding the billing rate limit tracking.

June 8

  • "Restricted" service and activity fields have been excluded from the Client > Services > Format for Printing export.  Based on the general use-case, the viewer of the export wouldn't be someone with access to restricted fields.
  • A bug was fixed relating to accessing additional pages of search results from any of the configurable search pages.
  • A hidden feature was added to the "Section Title (Collapsible)" for activities.  By default, the section will be expanded when you first add the activity, but future time you view the service, the section will start collapsed.  If you would like to section to always start as expanded, type "expand" into the Default Value of the field.
  • A setting was added to activities to determine if the activity should be included in the summary section of a related service.  This will not affect the associated fields, only the list of activities and the color of the service.

June 7

  • A new form was added, to help with new members or member changes at Morning Sun Financial.
  • The staff "title" field was added to the summary in the list view.
  • Several updates were made to the list custom field type to better display in summary views.
  • A new setting has been added to activities, allowing administrators to set which activities should be included in the summary of a service.  This will affect the activity "list" and the service color (if being utilized), but will not affect the activity's custom fields being included.
  • A bug was fixed relating to searching services from a client's profile.

June 3

  • An update was made to the "Completed Last Week" Dashboard widget to correct an issue where it wasn't displaying for some users.
  • A bug was fixed relating to invoice pdf creation under certain conditions.

June 2

  • A bug was fixed with the advanced invoice filters, which were not applying correctly in all cases.
  • An update was made to the "Check Out" button, so that it will also save the entire service.
  • A new setting was added to Activities, called "Available to Add to Service."  This setting will allow admin to determine when an activity is eligible to be added to a service - always, only as the first activity, or only as a non-first activity.