New Features

  • A number for keyboard shortcuts were added to various pages within HealtheFirst.  For a comprehensive list, please click here to view our kb article on the subject.
  • Tickets can now be merged together.  The "Merge" button will close the current ticket, and merge it into the chosen ticket.  The two will be linked through a hyperlinked message in the body of each ticket.
  • A couple of new, optional, dashboard widgets were added to the system including list of recently visited pages and recently updated service groups.  These can be enabled from the Configuration page.
  • Activity color coding has been added.  From the activity configuration, administrators can now select a background color, which will serve as the color of the activity in a service and, based on a few other factors, can be used to color the service in several list and calendar views as well.

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Logic was added to increase the visibility of saved/unsaved changes on services and service groups.  In both, a check will be performed periodically and the "saved" status will be reflected in the Save button in the footer.  
  • The "delete activity" confirmation message was updated to include custom field related details, when applicable, in order to better inform the staff member deleting the activity.
  • Several updates were made to the service and service group searches in order to prevent duplicating saved searches, and ensure all filters from saved searches save and load correctly.
  • The service summaries on the pending approval list was updated to include a full list of service details, which should help admins approve more quickly.
  • Filters were also added to the pending approval list in order to help in cases where there are a lot of services to approve.
  • A number of small updates were made to the reimbursement reconciliation process, which should better handle instances where services were denied.
  • A configuration option was added to format time in 12 hour or 24 hour time.  This can be found on the Configuration page as a system-wide setting.
  • A number of additional, but minor, updates and fixes were introduced, mostly related to custom field functionality.