New Features

  • Invoices are now available in all HealtheFirst implementation types.  Simply set a billing rate to "Is Invoiced" and an additional "Invoices" option will appear in the navigation bar underneath "Reimbursements."  
  • Furthering the above, HealtheFirst now offers a Stripe integration, where you can connect your accounts and allow clients/patients to log into their portal and pay their invoices directly.  Click here for more information.
  • There is now a "Follow Up" option available on all services allowing the services to be connected via a magic plan.  This means that there will be a "Plan" tab in the right column of the services allowing users to view other, linked services that were created using the follow up button.
  • Dependent fields were added as an option for custom fields.  Using this new logic, a field can be set to only display if a specific value is selected in a previous field.  For example, Textbox #7 can be set to only display if A is selected in Dropdown #1.
  • A "Print" option can now be found on client profiles.  This will take the client's profile and convert it into a printer-friendly layout that can be used as an exportable facesheet for providing client information to third-parties.

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • A billing rate option was added to bill all services with that rate under a single line item when billing via reimbursements.  This was created specifically for the T2024 use case for New Choices Waiver clients, but may be applicable to other cases as well.
  • An issue was found and resolved where case-based default billing rates were not being set correctly.
  • A number of minor bug fixes  were put in place over the course of the month upon several log reviews.