New Features

  • Bulk file manipulation was added to files on the client profile, allowing users to organize files more quickly.

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • A number of updates were made for payroll managers, including an enhanced billing rate breakdown on the Payroll page, access to individual timesheets, as well as additional filters on all relevant pages to better differentiate when someone was paid for a service versus when the service itself was completed.
  • Bulk editing tools were added to the service search, allowing for mass (re)assignment.
  • A number of additional result columns were added to the service search including more client-centric fields and related custom fields.
  • The service group search was enhanced to provide the "latest" information from associate services instead of a service-by-service breakdown.
  • The "form synchronization" feature was expanded to include activity custom fields synchronization as well.
  • A number of optional new ticket and client filters were added to their respective lists, and can be enabled/disabled from the Configuration page.
  • A new custom field type, "Duration Days," was added.
  • A number of configurable updates were made to the "+ New Service" button, allowing for more targeted options to be given to different staff members.
  • Where it is utilized, tickets that are linked to a service group can now be viewed from the service group itself.
  • More explicit permissions were given to some custom fields, with "Client Can Edit" and "Client Can View" replacing "Is Staff Only."
  • A number of major technical updates were also performed, which should lead to extended levels of performance, stability, and security over the coming months and years.